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How does Sterling help my buying group or association?

Sterling is the #1 preferred partner for buying groups and associations, concentrating on helping B2B companies with their credit card processing. We serve buying groups and associations with a high-benefit partnership, providing real value to members and industry-leading support for your organization. Group directors receive a board-level report every quarter on how we are serving your members and supporting the organization.

How does a partnership with Sterling help my members?

We equip your member and supplier companies with industry leading technology to reduce their credit card processing costs, drive out inefficiencies, and can provide value as an integrated payment solution for your ERP or accounting software. Our Interchange Management™ solution drastically reduces the transaction cost your members and suppliers are currently paying, without any additional effort.

Your members enjoy benefit they will not find with other providers.

  • Group member processing rates.
  • Direct connection to one of a few end processors.
  • No Long-Term Commitments.
  • No Cancellation Fees–Ever.
Retention Rates

Buying groups and their members stay with Sterling

We have a 100% retention rate of the buying groups we work with and a 96% retention rate with their members. The industry standard pales in comparison. The right partnership can bring great benefit to both your organization and your members. Our payment system can create immediate savings, as well as freeing up internal resources and in turn generate non-dues revenue for your group quickly. On average, our solutions save companies 30-40% on processing fees. Sterling B2B Group is focused on buying groups and their business customers, and because we serve them well they stick with Sterling.

The Sterling 3-Step Quick-Start Process we use to serve your members

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"Sterling has exceeded our expectations with their level of engagement with our members, as they continually add value by sharing helpful processing security articles and ongoing educational webinars with the AFFLINK membership. They have proven to be a vendor that can be trusted to do what they say they will do. I would confidently recommend Sterling B2B Group to other groups in search of a credit card processing partner.”
Debbie Brooks, AFFLINK Business Support Manager

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“Sterling listened to our needs and what we were trying to accomplish, and was helpful in educating our membership with flyers and webinars. I knew that this was a great program for our members.
Robert Smith, National Service Cooperative

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“We have been very impressed with Sterling. We have never had a non-food service vendor come in and have as much success in such a short period of time.
Anne Barker Smith, Legacy Foodservice Alliance